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The Bridal portrait – Natural or available lighting

It’s very easy to think that if you don’t have all the gadgets in the world, it is impossible to take a great bridal portrait at a wedding. It’s also very easy to assume that most of the best portraits have been taken using the best available strobes you can hire at Jessops or B […]

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Enhancing a Portrait using a Soft Glow

This tutorial has been inspired by the NOT so good skin post production a lot of amateur wannabe retouchers and photographers have been presenting of late. I often wonder if these guys use their eyes to see what they are doing or if they are just doing it because it’s what has become the standard […]

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How to get more detail out of your images

So many images out there look so sharp and full of detail. I spend hours behind the camera trying to work out what the best conditions are to get the more amount of detail from my images. I use to often wonder how my fellow photographers did it and in batches of one hundred images. […]

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