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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Bisola and Bolaji’s Wedding Dinner – I tell stories…I’m not a F**pping Paparazzi!!!

This blog post is really an attempt to explain a bit about what a “photojournalist” really does, especially within the area of wedding photojournalism or wedding photography. I think I may have touched on this point in a previous post but I don’t think it’s hit home yet. Basically when I am hired to do […]

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Deji, A Portrait

For the second time this year, I had no events or weddings to shoot last weekend so I used it as an opportunity to do a “Photo Walk” with my friends. With these walks anything can happen.  I never come overly prepared so that I allow myself to fall into situations that challenge my creativity. […]

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Yemisi, A Portrait

When ever I get sometime off shooting and documenting weddings (which is hardly these days) I try my hands on shooting some portraiture. I promised my friend Yemisi that I’d take some photos for her as part of a usual “ritual” she does every time she changes her hairstyle. To me it was a great privilege to […]

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Janet and Ian | Introducing Mista Skee

I’m so grateful for the patronisation of my wedding photography service by my clients. It’s a very good feeling knowing that your clients really value your work. This year the business has done really well in terms of the number of enquiries received and I must say that it really disheartens me to turn away […]

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We sing, You sing

I was “commissioned” to photograph the “We Sing, You Sing” Concert in Croydon in June. I use the word commissioned because I realise that it means that as an artist I have been given free reign to photograph what I want and how I want the show photographed. Though I was quite exhausted doing this […]

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