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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Foluso and Leye | Traditional Wedding | Changing perspectives on Wedding Photography in Nigeria

Some of the greatest photos I’ve produced have come from some of the most random of environments. Places where there is utter chaos as a result of the employment of overly organised systems. It’s very hard to get a herd of stubborn goats to follow your sign postings if they are finding it hard to […]

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My Portrait Photography tips #2a | Perfect lighting defines…

…the elements of the face. When looking at an image, you will be attracted to the lightest part of the image instantly. If the light is in the wrong place, then you will instinctively have a problem with the way the image looks, as your eyes will struggle to keep focused on the part with […]

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My Portrait Photography tips #1 | The eyes open the doorway…

…to the soul. I’ve often been told that there is a certain strength that comes through in my portraiture. I personally put this down to the strength of the character that I am photographing. It is not every person that can deliver this sort of strength. I am simply saying that I carefully chose the […]

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